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New Commitment / Reflect 1

in Architecture, Art and Design 

Engels - eBook (EPUB)

199 pagina's  |  nai010 uitgevers/publishers  |  juli 2012

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NAi Publishers has noted an increasing level of discussion in architecture and urban planning, in the visual arts, photography and design about social issues. Architects, artists and designers are on a quest for legitimacy for their work and for socially relevant activities. Professional journals are calling for reflection and reconsideration of how one carries out one's craft. In other words, a debate is clearly underway about a new form of engagement by the design and visual disciplines toward the current problems of society. As a contribution to this debate, this book offers a collection of articles by leading authors who hold this 'new commitment' up to the light. The New Commitment collection of essays is the first volume in the Reflect series. Through this series, NAi Publishers aims to focus attention on relevant social themes for architecture, urban planning, the visual arts and design. We see the tenth anniversary of NAi publishers as the moment to bring out the first volume of this series.



Soort boek eBook, 199 pagina's
Bestandstype EPUB
Uitgever nai010 uitgevers/publishers , Verschijningsjaar: 2012
ISBN-13 9789056627843
ISBN-10 9056627848
Taal Engels
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