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Why donīt we kiss

a contribution to close the gap between real-world decision makers and theoretical decision-model builders 

Auteur: Wim De Keyser, Johan Springael

Engels - Paperback

328 pagina's  |  Academic & Scientific publishers  |  mei 2010

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Decision theory renders the human decision maker the centre of attention: observing, describing how he makes decisions and leading him by the hand in an attempt to prevent him from taking ‘illogical’ decisions. Literature and scientific publications on decision theory should be accessible and understandable to the average decision maker but this is almost never the case since these methods and models are too complex and/or require input from the decision maker which makes him feel uncomfortable. The result is that most decision makers turn their back on scientific approaches and prefer to use common sense and ‘rules of thumb’ when facing decision problems.

To breach the current wide gap between decision makers and academic researchers a clear idea as to what a human decision maker is and is not capable of is needed. Based on these elements less sophisticated models need to be build. In this book, a KISS-principle is proposed and several methods in the field of decision making by one decision maker or by group, resulting from close contacts with real world decision makers, are presented. Field cases are used to illustrate the methods and a lot of application fields are presented.

Wim De Keyser has a large experience in the field of decision making, not only from an academic point of view but also as manager and as consultant. Belonging to both worlds - academic model and method builder on the one hand and real world decision maker on the other hand - puts him in a unique bridging position

Johan Springael is Professor at the Department Environment, Technology and Technology Management of the Faculty of Applied Economics of the University of Antwerp teaching Operations Research courses. His research interests are situated within the field of decision making, more specifically decision making based on multiple criteria in complex societal situations.



Auteur(s)Wim De KeyserJohan Springael
Soort boek Paperback, 328 pagina's
Uitgever Academic & Scientific publishers , Verschijningsjaar: 2010
ISBN-13 9789054876137
ISBN-10 9054876131
Taal Engels


Categorieën Studieboeken  >  Bedrijfskunde
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