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DDR-Justiz un NS-Verbrechen IX


Duits - Hardcover

700 pagina's  |  Amsterdam University Press  |  april 2007

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Volume 9 contains the trial cases finalized between November 1948 and mid-March 1949. In 11 instances the court decisions could not be traced or were discovered only in part. In case these documents will turn up during the course of our ongoing search, they will be published in the final volume of the series.

The remaining 56 cases deal mainly with denunciations, NS-crimes in detainment centers, final-phase crimes and with so-called early NS-crimes (committed shortly before or after January 31, 1933). Among the latter is a case against 19 defendants charged with the arrest and torture of political opponents by the SA in the Oelsnitz area (Case No.1516). Two cases dealing with final-phase crimes involve a number of defendants charged with chasing after escaped prisoners from an evacuation transport by local villagers (Case No.'s 1500 and 1504). The killing and mishandling of Jewish forced laborers from the Hugo Schneider works ('HASAG') in the Tschenstochau (Czestochowa) area, formed the subject of a major trial before the Leipzig court against 25 defendants (Case No.1511 - 'Kamienna-Trial')

Particularly noteworthy are two cases in this volume: one deals with the mishandling and killing of German soldiers in detainment centers and disciplinary field units of the Wehrmacht (Case No.1482); in the other the OLG Halle collides head-on with the newly established Supreme Court of the GDR over a case involving the perversion of justice (Rechtsbeugung) of a former judge with the OLG Breslau (Case No.1465). Unique, both with regard to the West and East German prosecution of NS-crimes, is the case against the former Bautzen Landrat, which deals with the persecution of the Sorbs (a Slavic minority indigenous to a region known as Lusatia, in the current German states of Saxony and Brandenburg) and with the escape assistance on behalf of leading Nazis shortly before the end of the war (Case No.1519).

As in the four preceding volumes, the majority of the cases concern crimes committed in East Germany; only 18% deal with NS-crimes committed on foreign soil.



RedacteurC.F. Ruter
Soort boek Hardcover, 700 pagina's
Uitgever Amsterdam University Press , Verschijningsjaar: 2007
ISBN-13 9789053567197
ISBN-10 9053567194
Taal Duits
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