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Let her be free

Icy & Sot: stencil artists from Iran 2006-2015 

Auteur: Icy & Sot

Nederlands - Paperback

248 pagina's  |  Lebowski  |  april 2016

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Let her be free | Icy & Sot

Engels - eBook | april 2016

Prijs: € 9,99


ICY (born 1985) and SOT (born 1991) are refuge stencil artists from Tabriz, Iran, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2006, the two brothers have contributed to Iranian and international urban art culture through their striking stencil work that depicting human rights, ecological justice, social and political issues. Their work appears on walls and galleries throughout the Iran, USA, Germany, China, Norway, and globally.They transcend their histories of artistic and political censorship by using public art to envision a world freed from borders, war and gun violence.
LET HER BE FREE offers a striking retrospective of their art and covers nearly a decade of their career with more than 200 full colour pictures. With a special introduction by Jess X. Chen and an afterword by Jaime Rojo and Steven P. Harrington, founders of Brooklyn Street Art.



Auteur(s)Icy & Sot
Soort boek Paperback, 248 pagina's
Uitgever Lebowski , Verschijningsjaar: 2016
ISBN-13 9789048828012
ISBN-10 9048828015
Taal Nederlands


Categorieën Kunst & Cultuur  >  Kunstgeschiedenis
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