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Death in State Custody

Obligations to prevent premature death of detainees and to investigate deaths of detainees pursuant to the European Convention on Human Rights 

Auteur: Eveline Thoonen

Engels - Paperback

463 pagina's  |  Maklu Uitgevers N.V.  |  januari 2019

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What is expected of State authorities with regard to the obligation to safeguard the life of detainees? What obligations do State authorities have in relation to the investigation into deaths that occur during deprivation of liberty by the State?
This book addresses these questions regarding death in State custody in view of the European Convention on Human Rights, in particular the right to life, the prohibition of torture and the right to respect for private life (including the right to self-determination). It also provides an analysis of whether the Dutch legal framework contains safeguards to meet the requirements that follow from the European Convention on Human Rights.
Matters that are discussed in detail are the obligation to provide healthcare to detainees and to take protective measures to safeguard the life of detainees. The ethical issues regarding end of life decisions of detainees, like refusal of medical treatment, hunger and/or thirst strike, suicide and euthanasia, and the conflicts that may arise in this regard considering the obligations of State authorities are addressed.
This book is a must-have for all those who are involved in the (medical) treatment of detainees and who are confronted with death in State custody.

Over de auteur
Eveline Thoonen is a lecturer in law at the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences and a researcher at AC Kenniscentrum. She is also a member of the Custody Care Supervisory Committee of the police unit Oost-Brabant.



Auteur(s)Eveline Thoonen
Soort boek Paperback, 463 pagina's
Uitgever Maklu Uitgevers N.V. , Verschijningsjaar: 2019
ISBN-13 9789046609040
ISBN-10 9046609049
Taal Engels


Categorieën Studieboeken  >  Rechten
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