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The devil's son


Auteur: Adrian Stone

Engels - eBook (EPUB)

256 pagina's  |  Luitingh Sijthoff Fantasy  |  december 2015

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The Devil’s Son is the second book of the Devil trilogy by Dutch author Adrian Stone.

When Marak finds a hanged priest near the Dragon’s Teeth and comes face to face with a violent threesome, it is just a precursor to the trials that still await him. Despite Marak’s impressive magical talents, even he is powerless now that Carolia is once again torn by intensifying religious disputes. The fires of war flare up when the patriarchs of the two main religions decide to reinstate their military orders of knights: the Legion of the Sun and the Skull Legion. In the meantime Marak’s friends, a priestess named Armana and a guard officer by the name of Egon, are not just wrestling with the increasing rivalry between the religions, but also with their feelings for each other. It will take a crisis to bring the two together.
And far away on the Shrouded Islands, a child is born. The infant boy will grow up to possess awe-inspiring magical capabilities. Marak is the first to realize what fatal catastrophes would befall the world should the boy end up in the hands of the forbidden Cult of Cataris...

‘These books will entertain not just readers of fantasy, but lovers of imaginative adventure stories as well’ Dutch Library Service (NBD Biblion) about the Devil-trilogy

Adrian Stone is the pseudonym for Ad van Tiggelen (1958). Like no other, Stone possesses the literary qualities to encapsulate complicated matters such as religion and history in a compellingly thrilling, classically modelled fantasy story. Find more information about the author and his books on: www.adrianstone.com



Auteur(s)Adrian Stone
VertalerLia Belt
Soort boek eBook, 256 pagina's
Bestandstype EPUB
Uitgever Luitingh Sijthoff Fantasy , Verschijningsjaar: 2015
ISBN-13 9789024571413
ISBN-10 9024571413
Taal Engels


Categorieën Fantasy  >  Fantasy
Fantasy  >  Fantasy
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Serie Devil Trilogy
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