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Vogue postcard box


Engels - Hardcover

100 pagina's  |  National Portrait Ga  |  februari 2015

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While principally a fashion magazine, Vogue has never been just that. It has assumed a central and vital role on the cultural stage, with a history that spans the most inventive decades in fashion and taste, and in the arts and society. In more than 2,000 issues, it has acted as a cultural barometer, putting fashion in the context of the larger world in which we live - how we dress, how we entertain, what we eat, listen to, watch, who leads us, excites us and inspires us. The century's most talented photographers, illustrators and artists have contributed to it. From 1892, American Vogue chronicled the life of beautiful people - their clothes, parties, houses and habits - and the magazine was exported for intrigued British readers. In 1916, when the First World War made transatlantic shipments impossible, its proprietor, Condé Nast, authorised a British edition. It was an immediate success, and over the following ten decades of uninterrupted publication continued to mirror its times - the austerity and optimism that followed two world wars, the 'Swinging London' scene of the sixties, the radical seventies, the image-conscious eighties - and in its second century remains at the cutting edge of photography and design. This box of 40 postcards, which accompanies a major exhibition celebrating the history of British Vogue over its first one hundred years, includes a range of images by renowned photographers, featuring world-famous figures and the work of iconic designers.



Soort boek Hardcover, 100 pagina's
Uitgever National Portrait Ga , Verschijningsjaar: 2015
ISBN-13 9781855145818
ISBN-10 1855145812
Taal Engels
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