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Goddess of vengeance


Goddess of vengeance

Auteur: Jackie Collins

Engels - Pocket

Ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands: Ebook Paperback

Simon & Schuster UK  |  april 2012

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Lucky Santangelo is back with a vengeance - in a novel full of power, passion, revenge, and the raging family dynamics of the Santangelo clan - and, as always, Lucky comes out on top! In Goddess of Vengeance Lucky Santangelo rules with her high profile casino and hotel complex - The Keys in Vegas. Lennie, her ex-movie star husband is still writing and directing successful independent movies, while Max, her wild and gorgeous teenage daughter is about to celebrate her 18th birthday, and her son, Bobby, owns a string of hot clubs. Lucky has everything. Family. Love. Life. And everything is exactly what billionaire businessman Armand Jordan is determined to take from her one way or the other.


Auteur(s)Jackie Collins
Soort boek Pocket
Uitgever Simon & Schuster UK , Verschijningsjaar: 2012
ISBN-13 9781849831451
ISBN-10 1849831459
Taal Engels


Categorieën Literatuur  >  Romans


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