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Finding fire


Auteur: lennox hastie

Engels - Hardcover

256 pagina's  |  Hardie Grant  |  maart 2018

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In this extraordinary book, acclaimed chef Lennox Hastie teaches you how to train your senses and instincts to respond to fire - and how different ingredients react to it - to perfect the art of cooking with flame. A world expert in cooking with fire, Hastie is a masterful guide to how important the fire itself is. His narrative and step-by-step instructions explain the '6 stages of fire', the varying properties of types of wood and the optimum temperatures required to get the best out different ingredients. He also references the diverse methods used by different cultures over the centuries that have influenced the way we cook today. Interwoven through this instructional text, are over 90 recipes for seafood, vegetables, meat and desserts, where he puts theory into practice and shows you how to get the very best result for each dish. The recipes themselves are simple and intended to help you master different techniques and ingredients with delicious results. Far more than a barbecue cookbook, this is an inspiring journey to mastering the art of cooking over a wood fire.



Auteur(s)lennox hastie
Soort boek Hardcover, 256 pagina's
Uitgever Hardie Grant , Verschijningsjaar: 2018
ISBN-13 9781743793008
ISBN-10 1743793006
Taal Engels


Categorieën Kookboeken  >  Kookboeken
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