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Medium raw


Auteur: anthony bourdain

Engels - Paperback

304 pagina's  |  Bloomsbury  |  mei 2011

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A lot has changed since "Kitchen Confidential" - for the subculture of chefs and cooks, for the restaurant business - and for Anthony Bourdain. "Medium Raw" explores these changes, moving back and forth from the author's bad old days to the present. Tracking his own strange and unexpected voyage from journeyman cook to globe-travelling professional eater and drinker, Bourdain compares and contrasts what he's seen and what he's seeing, pausing along the way for a series of confessions, rants, investigations, and interrogations of some of the most controversial figures in food. And always he returns to the question: 'Why cook?' Or the harder one to answer: 'Why cook well?'. Beginning with a secret and highly illegal after-hours gathering of powerful chefs he compares to a Mafia summit, Bourdain, in his distinctive, no-holds-barred style, cuts to the bone on every subject he tackles.



Auteur(s)anthony bourdain
Soort boek Paperback, 304 pagina's
Uitgever Bloomsbury , Verschijningsjaar: 2011
ISBN-13 9781408809747
ISBN-10 1408809745
Taal Engels


Categorieën Kookboeken  >  Kookboeken
Sport & vrije tijd  >  Cadeauboeken
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