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Eat Pray Love

One Woman's Search for Everything 

Engels - Paperback

349 pagina's  |  Bloomsbury UK  |  mei 2007

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‘If a more likable writer than Gilbert is currently in print, I haven’t found him or her … Gilbert’s prose is fuelled by a mix of intelligence, wit and colloquial exuberance that is close to irresistible’ New York Times
It’s 3 a.m . and Elizabeth Gilbert is sobbing on the bathroom floor. She’s in her thirties, she has a husband, a house, they’re trying for a baby - and she doesn’t want any of it. A bitter divorce and a turbulent love affair later, she emerges battered and bewildered and realises it is time to pursue her own journey in search of three thing she has been missing: pleasure, devotion and balance. So she travels to Rome, where she learns Italian from handsome, brown-eyed identical twins and gains twenty-five pounds; to an ashram in India, where she finds that enlightenment entails getting up in the middle of the night to scrub the temple floor and to Bali where a toothless medicine man of indeterminate age offers her new path to peace: simply sit still and smile . And slowly happiness begins to creep up on her.
‘A witty, honest account of loss and new beginnings, this will be enjoyed by anyone who’s realised “having it all” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be’Easy Living
‘A good read. I can’t get away from it’ Britney Spears, Glamour
‘A writer of incandescent talent’ Annie Proulx



Soort boek Paperback, 349 pagina's
Uitgever Bloomsbury UK , Verschijningsjaar: 2007
ISBN-13 9780747589358
ISBN-10 0747589356
Taal Engels


Categorieën Literatuur  >  Romans
Literatuur  >  Romantische boeken
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