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Deception Point


Engels - Paperback

585 pagina's  |  Corgi  |  september 2017

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About the bookdeception point is a story that revolves around the discovery of an extremely rare object that is buried deep inside layers of arctic ice when this rare find is discovered by a nasa satellite, the world thinks it to be a path-breaking find, while the space agency declares it to be a huge victory that could lead to many more victories in the days to come this find could have strong effects on the nasa policy and on the upcoming presidential elections as well the white house then decides to check the legitimacy of this rare find it decides to send an experienced intelligence analyst named rachel sexton, who, with the help of a scholar named michael tolland and a team of experts, must check the genuineness of this find they must travel all the way to the arctic to do this however, they soon come to know what they did not expect, which is the possibility of trickery in this so-called discoverybefore any word of such foul play can reach the president, both rachel and michael find themselves trapped by assassins, who could wipe out their existence from the face of the earth the only chance of escape that they have is to find out who really is responsible for this treachery however, they soon discover that the biggest deception lies in their answer to that very questionthe export ed edition of deception point has been published by rhuk, ireland, in the year 2009 and is available in paperbackkey features the book is set in a rather uncommon location, which is the arctic the narrator has kept his readers captivated with a gripping storyline that has many twists and turns



Soort boek Paperback, 585 pagina's
Uitgever Corgi , Verschijningsjaar: 2017
ISBN-13 9780552161244
ISBN-10 0552161241
Taal Engels


Categorieën Thrillers  >  Literaire thrillers
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